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What Does It Mean When a Loan Goes To Underwriting?

What Does It Mean When a Loan Goes To Underwriting?  Do you have any idea of what entails the underwriting process? Did you know that your finances go through a process called underwriting before you can officially be approved for a mortgage? We all know how tough it is to […]

Why Is My Appraisal Taking So Long?

Both buyers and sellers alike experience stress during the home search and the home sale process. Many of them imagine they will be breathing a sigh of relief once the terms of the contract are agreed and they have signed on the dotted line. It may come as a shock, […]

Can You Fire Your Real Estate Agent?

Imagine. You take the time to interview real estate agents; you sign a contract with the agent you think you can work well with, and then a few weeks down the line, you realize you have made a terrible mistake. When you find yourself in this position, can you fire […]

What Is The Purpose Of Earnest Money?

One of the elements of the home buying process that often confuses both first time and experienced buyers alike is earnest money. Entirely different and separate from your deposit, in a hot housing market where the seller has multiple offers to choose from, earnest money can be the factor that […]