About Real Estate Info Guide

Real Estate Info Guide offers helpful information for home buyers, home sellers and real estate investors.

Our Story

We at Real Estate Info Guide are home owners and investors. When my wife and I decided to purchase our first home, we had so many question regarding what to do every step along the way. Friends and family gave us their opinions and we frequently were told to talk to our real estate agent. While this was somewhat helpful, new questions always seemed to pop up and we were left to waiting for a call back from our agent.

After we purchased our dream home we decided to jump into real estate investing and purchased our first single family home. What I found is that many of the questions we had with our first home, came up again and again while buying our first investment home. Not only that, there were many other questions that we thought of which sent us searching for answers.

After 8 years of investing in rental homes and dealing with home ownership maintenance, we decided to start RealEstateInfoGuide.com for people just like us. We have taken our knowledge and expertise and compiled it all in one place on the internet just for you.

Our Customers

This website is built with you in mind. We encourage people to go out and buy the home of their dreams by offering you the most up to date and most valuable information you need to become a successful homeowner.

We have built a variety of free checklists and questionnaires for you to use during critical points in your real estate transaction.

I have also written a book, “The Ultimate Homebuyer’s Handbook’ with the first time home buyer in mind. This resource offers everything you need to know about purchasing a home, all in one ebook.

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