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Geoff is the creator of Real Estate Info Guide, the site that helps new homeowners, investors, and homeowners-to-be successfully navigate the complex world of property ownership. Through his experience as the manager of a debt-free, private real estate equity fund, as a business owner, and as a Registered Nurse in Emergency and Trauma care Geoff has developed a unique “people first, business second” approach to real estate.

However, this doesn’t mean that Geoff puts his business life on the back burner. He is no stranger to working 100 hours + weeks and is still at his desk, at 1 am most mornings identifying learning opportunities and improving and expanding Real Estate Info Guide but he chooses to build his current success around his family. As a consequence, Geoff sold his share in the real estate investment business to spend more time with his wife and daughters but he could not ignore his passion for real estate and his need to help other people.

So Geoff developed Real Estate Info Guide, to facilitate the success of others by sharing his own skills and experience, an ideal central to his identity. Geoff’s achievements are fueled by his personal ethics and convictions and he believes that everyone can achieve success through hard work, perseverance, and a positive mindset.

It is this attitude and his relationships with an extensive network of forward thinkers and business leaders that led to Geoff’s invitation to the Secret Knock. This invite-only business conference is described by Forbes Magazine as both one of the “5 ‘Can’t-Miss’ Conferences For Entrepreneurs” and the “Greatest Event You Cannot Attend” where he spent time with:

Sharon Lechter
Pat O’Brien
Jack Canfield










Tonino Lamborghini








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