How Big Is 200 Acres Of Land? (With Helpful Visual Comparisons)

If you’re reading this then you are probably interested in purchasing a plot of land. But what size do you actually want and need? In this article, we’ll help you understand just how big 200 acres of land is.

Since one acre is approximately 43,560 square feet, that makes 200 acres 8,712,000 square feet. In other words, the amount of land you own is tremendous!

Oftentimes, when there gets to be too many digits in a number, it can get hard to visualize what it means in the real world. No worries, continue reading to learn some easy illustrations to help you visualize how big 200 acres of land is, and what it can be used for.

Why 8,712,000 Square Feet? 

Does 8,712,000 square feet for 200 acres seem like an arbitrary number to you? That’s fair, but to understand why 200 acres is as many square feet as it is, you have to look at what one acre measures in square feet.

That’s 43,560 square feet. Yes, that number seems a bit arbitrary too, so let’s explain where it comes from a little, shall we? An acre is the area you get when you take a chain and a furlong, which is 66 feet by 660 feet respectively.

A chain is indeed a unit of measurement, at least in this application. It’s always 66 feet or 22 yards. You can divide chains into rods, of which one chain is 4 rods, with a rod being a measurement of meters. You can also divide chains into links, which is 66/100th of a United States survey foot.

Of course, we’re talking about acres here, so we’re not delving any further into rods or links than that. Getting back to chains, chains constitute furlongs, with 10 chains making one furlong. What’s a furlong, then? To explain it as we did in that post about 10 acres, a furlong is 1/8th of a mile or 660 feet. Other equivalencies include 40 rods (okay, so there’s rods one more time) or 220 yards.

To calculate an acre, you need to multiply the furlong by the chain. If you super-sized your multiplication, you’d reach 4,356,000 square feet for 200 acres.

Visualizing 200 Acres of Land: 6 Illustrations

If you’re still having a hard time visualizing what owning 200 acres of land would be like, then take a look at this video showing drone footage from Mindemoya Ontario of a 200 acre farm. It illustrates how wonderfully expansive 200 acres truly is.

Here are some examples of things that are equivalent of 200 acres so you can see just how much land we’re talking here! (Hint: it’s a lot.)

SeaWorld San Diego

One of my favorite theme parks is SeaWorld San Diego, so when I found this comparison, I had to include it. The park is located on 200 acres in Mission Bay. Can you imagine that! You could fit the entire theme park on your 200 acres of land.

Four Times the Size of Grand Central Station

Interior of the Grand Central Station in New York City, USA

Grand Central Station in Midtown Manhattan is a train station, yes, be the terminal also includes dining, shopping, and loads of cultural relevance. A landmark favored globally, Grand Central Station is only 48 acres. You have a little more than four times the amount of space than a whole Grand Central Station with your 200 acres of land.

More Than 15 Times Larger Than Windsor Castle

Grounds and garden of Windsor Castle near London, England, Europe

The breathtaking Windsor Castle in Berkshire, UK resides on gorgeous countryside. Dating back nearly 1,000 years, the castle is an architectural wonder that’s also renowned for housing lineages of the British royal family, including the current Queen.

Windsor Castle has 1,000 rooms, most of which are allowed to be visited by the public. Even still, with all that space, the castle is only 13 acres, smaller than even nearby Buckingham Palace, which is 19 acres.

You could fit 15 Windsor Castles on your 200 acres with space left over.

130 Times the Size of the White House

We don’t have royalty in the US, but we do have our President of the United States. This esteemed political official lives in the White House, which is a stately building in Washington, DC. Have you ever wondered how big the White House is?

Although the White House itself sits on 18 acres of land, the house itself is 1.50 acres. That’s enough room for six stories with 35 bathrooms, three kitchens, 16 guest and family rooms, and 132 other rooms.

You’d have 130 times the space of the White House with 200 acres of land!

Over 48 Walmart Supercenters

Now let’s consider something you may go to on a regular basis. A Walmart Supercenter is about 4.13 acres, so if we divide 200 by 4.13, we get 48.43.  You could fit about 48 stores on your 200-acre piece of land. That’s a whole lot of discount merchandise!

How Long Does It Take to Walk Across 200 Acres?

Surely, since 200 acres is so very vast, you could get some great exercise walking around your expanse of land, right? Absolutely! To get the perimeter of one of your acres, we need to look at the square acreage per side. That’s 2,951.61 feet for each side, giving you an overall perimeter of 11,806.44 feet for the acres.

That’s 2.23 miles. Assuming you walk at the normal average walking pace of 3 miles per hour, you can walk the perimeter of your 200-acre piece of land in about 42 minutes.

What Can You Do with 200 Acres of Land? 

As the proud owner of 200 acres of land, you’re still scratching your head wondering what to do with all that space. Allow us to present a couple of suggestions!

Make Your Own Amusement Park

Six Flags AstroWorld in Houston, Texas is 75 acres, California’s Great America is 100 acres, and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is only 107 acres. You can see what we’re getting at here. With 200 acres of land to your name, you can easily build an amusement park that’s very spacious.

This wouldn’t have to be a private park either, but one that’s open to the public for thousands and thousands of families to make timeless memories.

Start a Housing Community

In our post about how big 10 acres is, we mentioned that a spacious home is one that’s 2,400 square feet. With only 10 acres of land, you’d be able to accommodate 180 homes. By adding up your acreage to 200 acres in all, you could now build your own community of 3,630 homes.

Use it as Farmland

Now you’re probably not going to build your own amusement park on your 200 acres of land, although that would be amazing. But you might want to use it as farmland, and actually make a profit off of the agriculture. Of course, the success of your farming and profit depends on the location of your 200 acres.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve somehow been fortunate enough to receive 200 acres of land, you’re going to have so much land that you won’t know what to do with it all. Your land outpaces such monumental buildings as Windsor Castle, Grand Central Station, and the White House. You have as much land as that used to build SeaWorld San Diego. No matter how you decide to use the land, you’re at no shortage of options!



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