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The home buying/selling process is complicated and long with lots of steps to remember, and if you forget one it could lead to a stressful, sleepless night until your agent wakes up in the morning!

Take a shortcut to understanding the process, use one of our done-for-you checklists and questionnaire bundles. The best part? You can download them absolutely free.

Are you an agent? Then add more value to your business by providing these lists to your prospective clients.

Agents can add more value to your business by providing these lists to your prospective clients.

The Ultimate Homebuyer’s Handbook is essential reading for anyone who wants to buy a home in the future. Whether you’re an investor, a current homeowner, or this is your first time, this guide will teach you the techniques only real estate investors know about getting the best deal.

Written by successful real estate investor Geoff Southworth, this handbook not only provides you with high-quality information, it also includes step by step guides and worksheets so you can apply what you learn to your own situation in a convenient, straightforward and easy way.

Purchasing a house is a lot harder than it sounds. Real Estate Info Guide is here to provide you with plenty of free resources to get your started on the right path.

Whether you are buying a home for your own family or looking into investing in multiple properties, it’s always good to be informed before you make a decision. Real Estate Info Guide is informed by the first-hand real estate investing experience of Geoff Southworth.

We’ve also done extensive research to find the best books and resources that we feel will provide you with a strong foundation for success. With the help of these “virtual mentors”, you will be well on your way.

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If you have read my article “Is An Open House Worth It?” you’ll know I believe an open house is rarely worth the time and effort for the buyer. However, if you do decide to go ahead with one, there are certain items you should never leave out during an […]

Short Sale vs Foreclosure: What’s the difference?

Until the real estate bubble burst back in the 2000’s foreclosure was an embarrassment you’d do anything to avoid and few people had even heard of a short sale. Fast forward to today and short sales are part of our everyday language and if your home goes into foreclosure the […]

How To Pick The Offer That Is Most Likely To Close

If you’re selling your home and find yourself with the pleasing problem of having many offers from which to choose, you might be wondering how to pick the offer that is most likely to close. If it was as simple as picking the highest bid your life would be a […]

How To Find A Great Property Manager

Finding A Great Property Manager Property managers can make or break your return on investment potential. You shouldn’t have just anyone looking over one of your greatest assets. Hiring a bad property manager can be damaging to your income potential. An average property manager will get the job done alright, but they might […]

What Does It Mean When a Loan Goes To Underwriting?

What Does It Mean When a Loan Goes To Underwriting?  Do you have any idea of what entails the underwriting process? Did you know that your finances go through a process called underwriting before you can officially be approved for a mortgage? We all know how tough it is to […]