Landlords and Tenants

Do Landlords Replace Carpet?

Just as there isn’t a standard tenant, there aren’t any standard landlords or homes for rent. They are, instead,  an immense mix of good and bad tenants, landlords, and homes. This is what makes it exceptionally difficult to answer questions such as Do Landlords Replace Carpet? There are general guidelines […]

Do Landlords Provide Heat?

Everybody talks about how stressful and difficult it is to buy a home but little is written about how stressful and difficult it is to rent. A large part of what makes renting difficult is that it seems like every rental and every landlord is different so you never know […]

What Are Tenant Rights?

Across the US, there are significant differences in the rights of tenants. For example, if you ask What Are Tenants Rights in Vermont? You would have a very different answer than if you were to ask, What are tenants rights in Arkansas? To further complicate things, there are federal and […]

Why Do Landlords Require Renters Insurance?

Do you ever read the rental listings and ask yourself – why do landlords require renters insurance? After all, I don’t need homeowner’s insurance so why does it matter to the landlord if I have insurance to cover my belongings? It’s not as if it matters to them. Right? The […]