5 Ways to Maintain Your Property Before Every Rent Out

Before listing your property for rental, ensure it is in perfect condition and rent-ready to attract immediate occupancy. Optimum physical condition, working utilities, the right location, and competitive rent pricing will generate instant interest from potential tenants.

However, every aspect of the home rental must be move-in ready when you open for viewing to prospective applicants. It is advisable to hire experienced professionals to prepare your property for rental instead of attempting a DIY that may keep the house vacant for unnecessarily long.

The curb appeal effect

First impressions matter and will make the difference between a prolonged vacancy and immediate occupancy after you list the property in the rental market. Work with a reputable property management service to guide you on the best ways to prepare your home for rent out. Evernest, Corvias and Capital Home and Key Renter are Certified property managers in Boulder that can help you undertake maintenance and cosmetic improvements to enhance curb appeal before listing for rental.

If the property has outdoor spaces, pay special attention to the lawn and plants to ensure the grass is mowed and watered while the plants are trimmed and pruned. Clean the roof of any dry leaves and clear trash, incidental debris, or broken pieces of furniture that may be strewn around and give the façade a facelift with fresh paint. In short, the property must be instantly attractive at a cursory glance to a potential tenant standing on the street.

Walk the wall

Once sure your property’s curb appeal will reel in the right potential tenant, turn your focus to the interior. This is what realtors call “walking the wall” and involves minute scrutiny of the room full circle along the walls from one side of the front door and back. For the best impression, ensure the paint is pristine, the smell just right, with no traces of dust, debris, cobwebs, or insects creeping on surfaces.

To prepare for this initial inspection, retouch the wall paint or replace the wallpaper to remove blemishes and scratches on the walls. Check that the windows lock properly and both frames and panes have no cracks with blinds and screens in perfect condition. Inspect and ensure every appliance in the house, including faucets and sinks are clean, in good repair, working properly with no leaks, and remember to run the garbage disposal.

Consolidate the maintenance schedule

To get your pre-rent out maintenance done right and comprehensively, carry out a thorough inspection while walking the wall and list every item that requires fixing. You may need to take pictures of these areas with defects before the repair works to compare with the final finish later just to ensure everything was attended to professionally. Do not ignore any defect, however small or insignificant – if you can see it, your potential tenant will see it too and make a meal out of it.

Consolidating maintenance and the rental repairs ensures that everything that needs to be fixed is cleared in one schedule. Doing everything in one go saves on time and costs as you procure all materials at once and pay for labor for the complete job. It is advisable to use professional services to get the repairs done right, fast, and affordably with no mistakes.

Replace old appliances

Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines, among others, are essential for daily use, and if they keep breaking down, they affect occupancy durations. Avoid repairing old appliances that have outlived their usefulness and instead replace them with new ones that are in line with current technology. New appliances will not only save you dollars in frequent repairs but also attract potential tenants to take the house easily.

As you walk the wall, pay special attention to all appliances in the house, testing functionality and overall condition, and note down for repairs or replacement. Faulty appliances are also a potential fire hazard that could put the lives of your tenants at risk, including your property as well with dire financial consequences. Engage professionals to assess safety standards of the property and take remedial action before applying to municipal authorities to inspect and grant approval certification.

Thoroughly dust and clean

Go over the house as you walk the wall to ensure that all areas are spic and span with no blemishes and bad odors. If the house has carpets and rugs, clean and shampoo them for freshness and an appealing look. Run your vacuum cleaner through all nooks and crannies to clear any debris and dust that could create an unpleasant impression on the viewing client, especially behind appliances stacked against walls.

Thoroughly scrub the bathroom wet areas to remove unsightly buildups and mildew to ensure it is dry before the viewing. Ensure the bathtub and shower cubicles are sparkling clean and smelling fresh with no dampness. After the completion of the repair and maintenance works, thoroughly clean the whole house and the outdoors one more time to get it rent-ready.




Geoff Southworth is the creator of RealEstateInfoGuide.com, the site that helps new homeowners, investors, and homeowners-to-be successfully navigate the complex world of property ownership. Geoff is a real estate investor of 8 years has had experience as a manager of a debt-free, private real estate equity fund, as well as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Trauma and Cardiac Cath Lab Care. As a result, he has developed a unique “people first, business second” approach to real estate.

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