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Do Landlords Provide Heat?

Everybody talks about how stressful and difficult it is to buy a home but little is written about how stressful and difficult it is to rent. A large part of what makes renting difficult is that it seems like every rental and every landlord is different so you never know […]

Can You Fire Your Real Estate Agent?

Imagine. You take the time to interview real estate agents; you sign a contract with the agent you think you can work well with, and then a few weeks down the line, you realize you have made a terrible mistake. When you find yourself in this position, can you fire […]

Is A Reverse Mortgage A Good Idea?

Advertisements for reverse mortgages can be found on TV, in print, on-line, in fact anywhere there might be an older homeowner, there might also be a reverse mortgage ad. With all of this time and money being poured into advertising them, you might think that this is an excellent option […]

Alternatives To A Short Sale

If you find yourself in financial difficulty, with a home that is worth less than your outstanding mortgage, you may be considering a short sale. While many people think this is their only choice to avoid foreclosure, there are other alternatives to a short sale. What are the other alternatives […]

What Is The Purpose Of Earnest Money?

One of the elements of the home buying process that often confuses both first time and experienced buyers alike is earnest money. Entirely different and separate from your deposit, in a hot housing market where the seller has multiple offers to choose from, earnest money can be the factor that […]