How Big is 25 Acres of Land? (Helpful Visual Comparisons)

If you’re reading this then you’re most likely questioning how big 25 acres of land is? It may be that you are considering buying a plot of land for personal use or investment opportunities. Whatever your intentions may be, you’ve come to the right place!

Trying to visualize 25 acres of land can be quite difficult. Let’s be honest, 25 acres is a BIG piece of land.

If one acre is 43,560 square feet, then 25 acres of land is a whopping 1,089,000 square feet. That’s the same as 121,000 square yards! 

It’s possible those numbers don’t actually help you visualize the size of 25 acres as much as you would have liked. Hold on, later in this article, we’ll provide five visual examples depicting just how much land you would be getting if you purchased 25 acres. We’ll also offer some suggestions on what to do with your new land!

Why 1,089,000 Square Feet?

If you’ve read any of our other posts discussing land acreage, then it should come as no surprise to you that acreage is measured in square feet. A square foot is a square’s area provided that the sides of the square are each at least one foot.

You’ve probably heard of square footage when shopping around for apartments, homes, or even commercial office buildings to rent, but land is sometimes measured in square feet as well. That’s the case with acres of land.

Each acre is 43,560 square feet. Well, that’s the simplest definition. If you need a refresher, an acre is technically the area of a furlong by a chain. One furlong is 660 feet and a chain is 66 feet in length. It gets technical, with rods and links and all, but we won’t talk about that this time since we’ve done it before.

Using simplified terms, if one acre is 43,560 square feet, then all you do is the basic math from the intro. Take 43,560, multiply it by 25, and you get 1,089,000 square feet.

Visualizing 25 Acres of Land: 5 Handy Examples

Still having trouble picturing just how big 25 acres is? That’s okay. This is a quite a bit of land we’re talking about here, and it’s not as easy to visualize as you may want it to be. For this reason, we’ll now share some great visual examples that will help you more clearly picture the vast expanse of land that 25 acres is.

19 Football Fields

In American football, a field is 91 yards. If you cover the full field from one end zone to another, that’s 1.32 acres. Considering a single football field is a little more than 1 acre, when you look at a stretch of land that’s 25 acres, how many football fields is it?

The answer is 18.9 football fields.  Can you imagine laying out nearly 19 football fields from end zone to end zone? That’s a lot of football! You would have a ton of space.

5 Luxor hotels in Las Vegas

Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to visit the Las Vegas strip once in your life. It’s pretty magnificent with all the hotels, lights, and entertainment. The Luxor hotel is one of the strips most iconic buildings with its shape being a pyramid. Well, the Luxor covers about 5 acres of land, so with your 25 acres of land you would be able to fit 5 Luxor hotels on your property.

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 1: The Luxor How ©neilld/123RF.COM

6 Walmart Supercenters

Maybe you’ve never been on a football field or visited the Las Vegas Strip, so those visuals were the most helpful to you. This one may be a little more up your avenue.A Walmart Supercenter is 180,000 square feet, which is equivalent to 4.13 acres. If you divide 25 acres by 4.13, you get 6.05. You would be able to fit 6 Walmart Supercenters on your 25 acres of land! That is a lot of discount retail.

4,050 Parking Spots

According to this report from the Center for Profitable Agriculture at the University of Tennessee, you can add 162 parking spots within a single acre. By taking that number of parking spaces and multiplying it by the 25 acres of land you now have available, you can fit 4,050 parking spaces into this much land.

Disney World has 11,391 parking spaces, Universal Studios has 9,051 spaces, and Disneyland 10,000 parking spots. Your number of parking spaces isn’t too shabby either.

How long would it take to walk around 25 acres?

Let’s say you wanted to walk the perimeter of your 25-acre piece of land. How long would that take you? First, let’s look at the average walking speed, which is between 3 and 4 miles per hour (MPH). For our demonstration, we’ll use 3 miles per hour.

Remember the square footage of 25 acres is 1,089,000. If we find the square root of that number, we get 1,043.55 feet. That is the length of one of the sides of your property, but to find the perimeter, we need to multiply that number by 4 sides. So, 1,043.55 x 4 = 4,174.20 feet.

Walking at a speed of 3 mph, it would take you nearly 15  minutes to walk the perimeter of your 25-acre piece of land.

What Can You Do with 25 Acres of Land?

If you’ve decided to go through with your purchase of 25 acres of land, then congratulations! Now, you need to determine what you’re going to do with all that space. You may just want to keep the land in its natural beauty, but if you have something else in mine, then here are some ideas.

Build a Really Big Home

If you’ve always wanted to build your own home, you would have more than enough land in which to work with. You can get your dream house erected with no details spared.One home on 25 acres would leave a lot of spare acreage available. You could add a large garage, a spacious backyard swimming pool, or possibly grow your own vineyard. The rest could be an ode to the beauty of nature, although mowing such a big lawn will definitely be a pain!

Contract Farming if the Land is Fertile

If your 25 acres of land is fertile, you can contract farming out and collect the profits every year. Or if you are up for some more work, you can start your own agriculture project. First, test the soil to determine what kind of produce you would be able to grow, do your research, and start planting!

Start a Community Housing Project 

Something we didn’t discuss is how many houses you would be able to fit on your 25 acres. If you were to build homes consisting of the average footage of 2,400 square feet, then you could fit 453 homes. Rather than use all that space yourself for fun, give back to your neighborhood and start a community housing project.

Final Thoughts 

Owning 25 acres of land is the equivalent of nearly 19 football fields and 6 Walmart Supercenters. This is 1,089,000square feet in all. Whether you’ll soon buy a 25-acre expanse of land or you’re just thinking about it for now, we hope this article provided you some helpful statistics and visualizations!





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