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Does A Dirty House Affect An Appraisal?

There’s no doubt about it, the period between accepting an offer and signing the documents at closing is a stressful one. Having to wait for inspections, appraisals, and all of the other things that are out of your hands can send stress levels through the roof. Doing things to speed […]

14 Steps To Buying A House

Buying a home is a stressful and complex process. One which cannot be done without time and preparation. So, to give you a taster of what you can expect, here is a 14 step guide to buying a house. Prepare Yourself For Home Ownership Step One: Get Your Credit Score […]

Why Is My Appraisal Taking So Long?

Both buyers and sellers alike experience stress during the home search and the home sale process. Many of them imagine they will be breathing a sigh of relief once the terms of the contract are agreed and they have signed on the dotted line. It may come as a shock, […]

Do Landlords Replace Carpet?

Just as there isn’t a standard tenant, there aren’t any standard landlords or homes for rent. They are, instead,  an immense mix of good and bad tenants, landlords, and homes. This is what makes it exceptionally difficult to answer questions such as Do Landlords Replace Carpet? There are general guidelines […]

Do Condos Share Ventilation?

The word condo describes a particular kind of ownership and not a single type of building. Consequently, there isn’t a simple yes or no answer to the question – Do Condos Share Ventilation? To be sure of the type of ventilation in your condo, you would have to ask the […]